Exclusive Ice Floe Siren Pet Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the Spring Update to the Wizard101 live servers, the Wizard101 Fan Sites are holding contests to win pets!

I have been exclusively given codes for the adorable Ice Floe Siren, which was first released on the 13th day of "The 12 Days of the Spiral" back in 2015. Now, it can only be acquired by hatching directly with one or as a drop from Omen Stribog, as the Witch's Hoard Pack was removed from the Crown Shop last year.

Giveaway Guidelines

This raffle will run from April 22nd through April 25th, 2020. Once the lucky 99 winners are announced, prizes will be sent via e-mail of entry by April 28th, 2020. Please, limit your participation in this raffle to only one e-mail account, so that everyone entering has a fair chance to win! Following the options below, you can tweet about this raffle once every day for extra points.


Best of luck to all and thank you to KingsIsle and our wonderful
Community Manager, Sparck, for kindly providing the codes!

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