Wizard101 Spring 2020 Test Realm

Spring has sprung, and luckily for us, it has brought more than just April showers! The Wizard101 Test Realm is online once again, and you'll find a rundown of the main updates below.

New Pet Features
1. Play as your Pet
If you have a pet equipped and are at least at the minimum level, you'll see some new buttons on the main screen that allow you to enter "Pet Mode". You can switch control between your Wizard and your pet very quickly, allowing you new ways to adventure through the Spiral with a press of the button. You get points for feeding your pet and participating in the new Pet Promenade event! And for those playing through their mainline quests, you will also get an additional 4 Pet XP per quest turned in!

2. Pet Mastery
Pet Mastery is a way to reward your time spent with your pets. You earn mastery points each time you win a pet game, unlocking mastery badges beginning at 25 wins. Once you have earned a badge, you can AutoPlay the game, spending Energy as usual, and feed your pet immediately!

3. Pet Happiness
Pets use Happiness to perform a variety of marvelous feats, including playing in Pet Mode, activating Combat Talents, and activating Adventure Talents. To raise your pet's Happiness, you need to feed it pet snacks. Some activities deplete Happiness at a steady rate, such as Play as Your Pet, and some features require you to spend Happiness for each activation.

4. Pet Talents
Over 40 new talents are being introduced with this update, a mix of Adventuring Talents and Combat Talents, with more to come! Some of these talents will allow your Pets going on quests to often come back with bonus goodies. Different Pets are good at finding different things – gold, reagents, treasure cards... even Spellements! To find out more about all these new pet talents, check out the Update Notes.

5. New Pets
Once Test Realm goes to the Live servers, several new pets will be released over the succeeding weeks! There will also be a re-release of seven Level 48 school pets, one for each of the schools, to introduce the new talents to the pet hatching system. Several premium pets have also been added to the Live Events – including new pets awarded via the Beastmoon Hunt and new variants of the class Hamster for all Deckathalons!

6. Egg Timers
Beginning with this update, Pets that you acquire from quests, loot drops, or Crowns purchases hatch instantly – there's no hatch timer! Pets that you acquire by hatching with another pet, however, have a new hatch timer that varies based on the age of the parent – older pets take longer to hatch. You can now pay gold to hatch eggs faster!

6. Pet Promenade
This new event is similar to the Spiral Showcase, but focused on Pets. At the end of the progress bar, you will always get a random pet jewel, but also a chance to get the Ravenwood Hamster! There are also materials to unlock new pet talents and other pet related goodies.

Set Bonuses
Set bonuses grant you additional stats and benefits if you equip multiple items from the same set. The more items you have equipped from that set increases the bonuses you get from it, up to a certain threshold.

Buy Now on Inspect
This new feature allows you to right click on a Wizard and view what they are wearing. Hovering over many of the items will not only reveal what that item is, stitched or not, but also where it can be acquired for your own Wizard!

New Beastmoon Maps
Two new challenging Beastmoon Hunt maps are ready for you to conquer: Celestia and Aquila! These two maps add to the existing maps that have come out since the Beastmoon Hunt's inception last year. Each one adds a different flavor of gameplay, as you work your way across the map.

Skeleton Key Boss - Fellspawn
Deep beneath the bustling Wizard City streets lies an eldritch horror: the Fellspawn! Sealed away in the Catacombs ages ago by the magic of the ancient Druids, today the only thing keeping the Fellspawn and its tenacious tentacular familiars contained is a Gold Skeleton Lock. If you possess a Gold Skeleton Key, you can enter the Fathomless Tomb and face Fellspawn.

Here are some requirements and the location to get started:
  • Location: Wizard City Catacombs – The Fathomless Tomb
  • Requirements: Must have quest "No Place Like Catacomb", and a Gold Skeleton Key
  • Level: 130
  • Loot: Chance to drop the Dragoon's equipment sets

Khrysalis Fishing
Love to fish and want to discover new fish in new areas? You can now fish in Khrysalis! You'll find these new fish lurking in the waters of BastionSilent Market, Moon Cliffs, Last Wood, Crescent Beach, Sardonyx, and Kondha Desert.

Advanced Move for Castle Decorators
Moving items around your homes is now easier than ever! To use the new Advanced Move tools, click the "Advanced Move" button which will open a new "Advanced Movement" window. This window is what you'll use to move items around. Want to place a boat in water? Now you can!

And there are many more changes and updates to the game that need testing! Read the complete list of Update Notes for more.

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