Wizard101 Community Gameplay Guide Repository

The official Wizard101 repository of community-created guides has been launched by KingsIsle! With this consolidated community effort built over the years and now grouped in one place, it has never been easier to travel the worlds of the Spiral!

If you want to contribute, keep in mind that a guide placed here must be more than a simple list of facts about a topic. It must include commentary, such as tips and suggestions, for how to acquire or best use an item.

The repository includes different sections:
  • Combat & Bosses;
  • Crafting, Fishing & Resources;
  • Events & Games;
  • Gear, Bundles & Packs;
  • Getting Started;
  • Housing & Gardening;
  • Pets & Mounts;
  • PvP;
  • Questing & Advancement;
  • Spells & Skills;
  • Support Guides.
                    Do you know about a great guide that KingsIsle should consider?

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