Wizard101 Celestian Spellemental Pack

What better way to get away from the Summer heat than diving right into the freshly released Celestian Spellemental Pack, packed with exclusive and refreshing Celestia-themed items!

Here are some of the goodies you have a chance to receive in the new Celestian Spellemental Pack:
  • 4 Celestian-themed spells;
  • 3 Zorphie pets;
  • 3 Celestian gear sets;
  • 3 Celestian Axe weapons;
  • And much more!
Spellemental packs drop spellements that you can use to unlock spells, using the Spellwrighting system. Each spell requires 35 spellements to initially unlock, and more if you want to upgrade it later.

When you obtain enough spellements to unlock a spell, click on the spell you wish to unlock and then hit "Upgrade." This will add the spell to your Spellbook. Spells trained through the Spellwrighting system function the same way normal spells do and abide by the rules of buffs and power pips.

Click the image to get a free pack! (Valid through Friday, July 24th)

Be sure to check out Final Bastion's comprehensive guide to these Celestian spells, including videos for all of them.

What cool items did you get?

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