Wizard101 Summer 2020 Update

Summer is here and that means Wizard101 has new content to explore, with the release of the Summer Update! Read on for a rundown of the most relevant updates.

New Character Models

Wizards look better than ever! KingsIsle has added eye blinks and increased the resolution for more detail. Faces should stay the same overall, but appear sharper in detail and more animated.

Another prominent change is that the prices have been changed from Crowns to Gold. You can now change up your look as often as you want, by visiting the Magic Mirror!

The Daily Spiral
The Daily Spiral is a new feature that compiles everything that's happening in the game, directly in a Crown Shop window!

Every day, when you first log in, you'll now see The Daily Spiral happenings, which include your current mainline quest, the current daily assignment and daily PvP quest, game news that links to the Ravenwood Academy section of the official website, event updates, Crowns status, and some item recommendations that may aid you on your journey across the Spiral.

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem
The Beastmoon Monster Mayhem allows you to group up with 5 other Wizards – or just join the queue and you'll get matched up with others waiting to play. Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem will share Beastforms, and be selectively available by KingsIsle per event. If you have unlocked or tiered up a Beastform, it will be unlocked and/or tiered up in the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem as well.

Upon entering a match, creatures are spawned across the map to fight. Defeat all monsters to spawn a powerful boss in the middle of the map. During the boss fight, Artemis has placed some additional monsters outside the Spiral, which unlock buffs for the players in the boss battle when defeated! If you succeed in defeating the first boss in the time allotted, you'll move onto the second wave. If you can quickly make your way through three waves of monsters and bosses, you'll win the whole event!

New Beastforms
Three new Beastforms are being added to these events:
  • Death Cyclops – Debuffin' Dots is a tank designed to counter both Storm and Life Beastforms. He reduces the enemy team's ability to deal and prevent damage, and can steal blades and heal-over-time effects for his own use.
  • Fire Ninja Pig – Slash n' Burn removes positive wards (shields and stun blocks) and can create and detonate damage-over-time effects. He also has spells that require a Minion to use, so expect to see him teaming up with Myth players.
  • Myth Draconian – Pips n' Pops is a pip generator, who also happens to dish out decent damage. Pips tends to focus on traps, clearing them for more pips or even create them when his target has a shield. He is not alone in his thirst for ensuring enough pips are available, as his minion is as well. While his minion is useful for generating pips, it is also rather weak, so be careful in relying upon it too much.
Shadow Pips & Spell Rebalance
Starting with this update, the Shadow Pip % stat has been replaced with a Shadow Pip Rating. At the start of each turn, players (with access to Shadow Pips) will fill their shadow meter. The higher your Shadow Pip Rating, the faster the meter will fill. When the meter fills completely, you will generate a shadow pip, the meter will empty, and begin filling again on the next round. The Shadow Pip Rating is comparative, and players with a higher rating will generate shadow pips faster than opponents with less Shadow Pip Rating.

Shadow-Enhanced spells and Rank 6+ have been changed, to keep the game balanced for years to come. These drastic reductions in power will cause certain bosses throughout the Spiral to be nerfed accordingly.

  • Fire From Above: 960–1080 Fire damage & adds 1 +25% Fire Trap
  • Raging Bull: 705–825 Fire damage & -40% accuracy debuff to all enemies
  • Scorching Scimitars: 876 Fire damage divided by enemy
  • Abominable Weaver: 790–910 Ice damage & -50% Shield
  • Snowball Barrage: 95 Ice Damage per pip to all opponents
  • Climaclysm: 732 Ice damage divided by enemy
  • Glowbug Squall: 940 Storm damage
  • Rusalka's Wrath: 1350 Storm damage & +/-30% Blade/Weakness to Self
  • Iron Sultan: 948 Storm damage divided by enemy
  • Mystic Colossus: Remove 1 Ward & 635 damage to all enemies
  • Witch's Housecall: 1035–1175 Myth damage & summon minion
  • Snake Charmer: 840 Myth damage divided by enemy
  • Hungry Caterpillar: 790–910 Life damage & 800 absorb Shield
  • Wings of Fate: 75+375 Life damage over 3 turns & 75+780 heal over 3 turns
  • Lamassu: 732 Life damage divided by enemy
  • Call of Khrulhu: 675 Death Drain to all enemies
  • Winged Sorrow: 800–980 Death damage to target & -20% weakness to all enemies
  • Qismah's Curse: 768 Death damage divided by enemy
  • Gaze of Fate: 325 Balance damage + 345 random school damage & +25% Balance damage Global
  • Nested Fury: 805 Ice damage, 970 Fire Damage, or 1050 Storm Damage
  • Sand Wurm: 768 Balance damage divided by enemy
Read Ratbeard's Developer Diary entry for an in-depth explanation as to why these spells needed to be changed. Also, Final Bastion kept track of all changes that were happening, so make sure to read their comparative post here.

And there are many more updates to the game! For the complete list of Update Notes, click here.

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