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Pets Wallpaper

Schools of Magic Series

Astral Wallpaper

Balance Wallpaper - Version 1

Balance Wallpaper - Version 2

Death Wallpaper - Version 1

Death Wallpaper - Version 2

Fire Wallpaper - Version 1

Fire Wallpaper - Version 2

Ice Wallpaper - Version 1

Ice Wallpaper - Version 2

Life Wallpaper - Version 1

Life Wallpaper - Version 2

Myth Wallpaper - Version 1

Myth Wallpaper - Version 2

Shadow Wallpaper - Version 1

Shadow Wallpaper - Version 2

Storm Wallpaper - Version 1

Storm Wallpaper - Version 2


World Series

Aquila Wallpaper

Arcanum Wallpaper

Khrysalis Wallpaper

Polaris Wallpaper

Empyrea Part 1

Empyrea Part 2 - Version 1

Empyrea Part 2 - Version 2


Due to quality loss issues while uploading 1920 x 1080 wallpapers, clicking on the images will now redirect you to Google Drive for the full-sized version!

The French version of  the Schools of Magic series can be found here.
Partial credit to Johnny & Zanzidia!


  1. Hi Frost'

    Can we use your creations on our own fansite ?

    They're greatly appreciated !



    1. Hello Jestaym,

      Using these wallpapers on your site is fine, as long as you don't take credit for making them. Linking back to my blog isn't mandatory, but it is appreciated. However, any other graphics material featured on this blog should not be posted elsewhere.

      Thanks for your comprehension. :)

  2. Make a Grizzleheim/Ravenscar/Wintertusk wallpaper! (or all)

  3. One word:
    Simply Amazing

    Okay, that was actually 2

  4. Do a new all school wallpapers including the new spells such as Rusalka's Wrath, Nested Fury, Witch's Housecall etc.

  5. Hey Frost!

    I'm a graphic designer myself, and I was just wondering;

    I MUST know the name of the font you used for the storm magic wallpaper. It's killing me!

    1. Hello Andrew! I used two different fonts: the font for the letters "S" and "M" is called Xenippa; the rest is the Shermlock font. :)

  6. if you want you could make a monstrosity wallpaper


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