First Look at Polaris in Wizard101

The very first look at a Polaris in-game model was revealed today! It depicts a polar bear soldier wielding a saber and standing in front of a building, which resembles the Kremlin. The rest of the scenery shows falling snow flakes and the aurora borealis phenomenon, also known as Northern lights, in the Polarian sky.

The Fall Update started being tested at KingsIsle last week and, according to Gary Smith, it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks of testing. The second week of QA testing is coming to a close soon, which means the Wizard101 Test Realm will most likely open in the next two weeks. The update should go live in mid-November.

Following the trend of these past few weeks, we should get another sneak peek next Thursday!

What do you think of this first in-game screenshot in Polaris? When do you think Test Realm will open? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Pirate101 3rd Birthday Celebration

Three years ago, countless Pirates around the world were setting sail into an unforgettable journey in the Skyways, in hopes of reaching El Dorado and stopping the mighty Armada. October 15th marks the 3rd Birthday of Pirate101 and I couldn't be happier to celebrate it with all of you! 

Spooky Bunkhouse Contest
I want you to decorate your bunkhouse in Pirate101 for Halloween. To enter, simply take a screenshot of your Halloween bunkhouse and follow the guidelines listed below! 

  1. This contest starts now and ends on October 19th 2015, at 4:00PM CST;
  2. You may use as many items as you wish to make your bunkhouse complete, following the theme "Spooky Bunkhouse";
  3. If using glitches or floating techniques, you must stay within the bunkhouse space;
  4. All entries must be sent by email to, with the title "Spooky Bunkhouse Contest", along with your Pirate's name (such as David Everhart) by the deadline;
  5. You may include up to 3 screenshots in your email entry (please, no more than that!);
  6. If you are under the age of 13, please have your parent's or guardian's permission to enter;
  7. Winners will be announced by October 21st 2015 and prizes will be sent by email.
My four favorite bunkhouses will take home the Smuggler's Cove House, one Additional House Elixir and the new Octoberpus pet!

Thank you so much to KingsIsle and Bonnie Anne for providing these great codes, and happy early birthday Pirate101!

New Polaris Concept Art Revealed

As I theorized in one of my posts last year, I strongly believe that Old Cob is going after Grandmother Raven. Or at least he's trying to hurt her in some way, for trapping him in the Hive for so long.

Earlier today, KingsIsle revealed another Polaris concept art teaser, which showcases a coniferous forest covered in snow, surrounded by mountains, with a river flowing in the middle. The interesting bit about this specific concept art is that you can see a giant statue of Lady Nightstar, better known as Grandmother Raven, in the background, and she appears to be crying. Some people were skeptical about this actually being Grandmother Raven, but I have outlined the similarities between the statue and Lady Nightstar in the picture below, and that should help clear the confusion (click to enlarge).

The existence of such a monumental statue in Lady Nightstar's honor shows just how important she must've been to Polaris and its people. The way she was drawn and the fact that she's crying supports the idea that Polaris is in danger, and I wouldn't be surprised if Grandmother Raven is the one who holds the Spiral key to this magical land. I'm guessing she once was the protector of this place, but things changed when she was trapped by the Coven, in Wintertusk.

What did you think of this new sneak peek? Are you excited for Polaris? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Wizard101 Halloween Raffles

Halloween in the Spiral is a fun time for everyone, especially when cool prizes are involved! Is there a better way to celebrate this frightening season, than dressing up for the occasion? Of course not!

To get into the Halloween spirit, I am keeping it simple and easy this time around, so everyone has an equal chance at winning one of the amazing Vampire and Mummy costumes I am giving out in Wizard101! And to spice it up a bit, I am also giving away Crowns codes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have another Crowns Raffle on Twitter. To enter, all you have to do is retweet and follow me, so I can contact you if you are one of the three winners. The winners of the Twitter raffle are announced here!

Thank you so much to KingsIsle and Professor Greyrose for providing these awesome prizes!