First Ever Pirate101 Pillow Fight

We all know that Skull Island is notorious for its armies of troggies, shivers of sharks, and Aztecan ruins full of peril. The funny thing is that plundering Pirates know that treasure chests in Skull Island have an unusual abundance of pillows! But why do these vile creatures even carry pillows? They were probably getting ready for this very day! 

The first ever Pillow Fight "farming event" will be hosted tomorrow, January 31st 2015, from 12:01am to 11:59pm US Central Time. Log on and fight the enemies of Skull Island in search of four types of pillows:
  • Embroidered Royal Pillow
  • Royal Throw Pillow
  • Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow
  • Embroidered Regal Pillow

Win 60,000 Crowns!
KingsIsle will be tracking all the pillows received as rewards from combat in Skull Island during this farming event. Then, on February 2nd, they will award the player who got the most pillows 60,000 Crowns! The next top ten pillow fighters will receive 10,000 Crowns each! Who will rise to the top of the pile of pillows victorious? How many pillows will you collect?

Here are some things to keep in mind:
  1. Only pillows that are successfully acquired by players as loot drops from 12:01 am to 11:59pm US Central on January 31st will count toward the total. Bazaar purchased pillows will not count toward the total!
  2. You may sell your pillows after you acquire them, to make room for more pillows.
  3. Pillows are counted per character, not per account.
  4. Winners will be announced and awarded on February 2nd.
  5. Contact if you have additional questions.

New Mobile Game Update

Last November, I made a post about a new mobile game that KingsIsle is working on. While not much information has been revealed since then, two new pictures were released.

This new game is stated to be launched very soon and according to KingsIsle:
"We know you love playing MMO games on your computer, but we also know that mobile gaming is exploding. Grub Guardian offers a great way to train your Wizard101 pets on the go, but that's not the only mobile game we have in store for you. In fact, you can maybe expect some entirely new games and adventures to be had outside of the Spiral. 
Coming soon, you can look forward to all kinds of new, exciting things. New worlds and characters to explore? Puzzle games to test your mind? We're scheming and crafting day by day. The possibilities are endless!"
Looking at all the pictures available so far, I believe this new mobile game will be Fishing-related, just like Grub Guardian is related to Pet training in Wizard101.

KingsIsle wants your opinion, so make sure you drop by their newest KingsIsle Blog post and share your thoughts in the comments!

Pack-a-Palooza 2015

One of my favorite promotions is back in the Spiral! Now through February 8th, save up to 50% off all Packs in the Crown Shop, including the return of the Nightmare & Harrowing Nightmare Hoard Packs, and the Yuletide & Winterland Hoard Packs, as well as the Dragon's Hoard Pack! 

KingsIsle is also giving away a free Pack during this promotion, so make sure to redeem your code by clicking on the image below.

Connecting Candyland and Gobblerton

The best time to release a side world is usually between storyline updates, which is exactly where we stand in Wizard101. And considering we only closed the curtain on Morganthe's story arc last Summer, I think we might get a side world before we jump into the Old Cob storyline. That would also be a nice way to keep mid-level and high-level Wizards busy, while the third story arc is still in development.

What we know about Gobblerton...
It is a place filled with witches and was the old home of Gobblers, according to the Gobbler King, before they arrived to Wizard City. Gobblers call the latter New Gobblerton.

What we know about Candyland...
It is a land of cookie roads, chocolate rivers and candy cane trees, also called Candy Land and Candy World. According to Professor Greyrose, it's her homeworld and where her two older and evil sisters live, in gingerbread houses. Both sisters have cooked up a legion of gingerbread minions to continue the long, proud tradition of children-cooking evilness.

The connection between Candyland and Gobblerton
Both places seem to be connected somehow. First of all, Gobblerton sounds more like an area rather than a world (like what Winterusk is to Grizzleheim). On the other hand, Candyland was referred to as a "world" by Professor Greyrose, so it's pretty much self-explanatory.

Now what do both locations have in common? They are inhabited by evil witches. Apart from that, Gobblers love to eat and they probably had plenty of food back in Gobblerton, and we know that Candyland is full of snacks. I'm assuming that Gobblerton is an area of Candyland and that Gobblers followed Lydia Greyrose, after being freed from the evil witches by the Ice Professor.

What do you think of this theory? Would you like to explore the cookie roads and chocolate rivers of Candyland this year? Leave a comment below and let me know.