Polar Bear Day Dance Mob Recap

Yesterday was International Polar Bear Day and I invited the Wizard101 community to join me in-game, to celebrate the event in a fun way: a dance mob with our Polar Bear Cub pets!

The attendance was greater than I anticipated and it was simply amazing to see so many Wizards join me for this honorable cause. It was also a great way to start the weekend, taking a break from all the assignments for Professor Drake and show Penny Dreadful that it's important to have fun, too.

A big thank you to Professor Greyrose and Dworgyn for believing in my vision and allowing me to make a fun in-game event for everyone! Also, thanks to my fellow Community Leaders for spreading the word, and to everyone who supported the idea and encouraged me from the get-go. Last but not least, thank you to all the Wizards who danced with me yesterday. You are all incredibly amazing!

Double Pet Experience in Wizard101

Starting today, the second member benefit is available in Wizard101. Now through Sunday, March 1st, Wizard101 Members will get double pet experience from pet games and pet snacks!

If you like to hatch pets with your friends and are always striving to perfect the ones you have, now is the best time to train them! If you aren't a member yet, you can buy a membership here.

International Polar Bear Day

As an ecologist, I care about the conservation of the environment and all the species that live in it. That is why I decided to raise awareness to the importance of preserving and protecting vulnerable species, such as the polar bear, and the habitat they thrive in.

Threats to the survival of polar bears
Majestic creature of the far north, the polar bear is the world's largest terrestrial carnivore. It is currently listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The loss of sea ice habitat from climate change is the biggest threat to the survival of polar bears. Other key threats include polar bear-human conflicts, overharvesting and industrial impacts. Polar bears depend on sea ice as a platform from which to hunt seals, rest and breed.

If you would like to donate to the world's leading polar bear conservation group, please click here.

Why is the polar bear so important?
  • Polar bears help us gain an understanding of what is happening throughout the Arctic, as a polar bear at risk may signal something is wrong elsewhere in the arctic marine ecosystem;
  • Because they are at the top of the food chain, they are particularly sensitive indicators of the health of the Arctic ecosystem and maintain the balance of that very ecosystem.
When and where?
Friday, February 27th, will be the International Polar Bear Day and I will host a dance mob in-game to celebrate this day. The dance mob will take place in the Wizard City Commons on Scarecrow realm, on February 27th ,2015, at 4:00 PM CST.

Feel free to join the International Polar Bear Day Event, bring your Polar Bear Cub pets if you can and invite your friends! 

Win a Polar Bear Cub Pet!
Thanks a lot to Professor Greyrose for providing some codes for Polar Bear Cub pets. If you don't have one yet, enter the raffle for a chance to win one! Also, check the featured comment below for code details.

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Wizard101 Fishing Tournament

Are you an avid fisher in Wizard101? If so, now's the chance to show off your catching skills, as Lucky Hookline is holding a fun event, where everyone is invited: the very first Fishing Tournament!

On February 21st, 2015, from 12:01am to 11:59pm US Central, log on to Wizard101 and start reeling in all the Fish ya can! KingsIsle is offering big prizes for the best fishers in the game.

Win 60,000 Crowns!
The three lucky Wizards who catch the following will be awarded 60,000 Crowns:
  • The largest Fish;
  • The shortest Fish;
  • The largest quantity of Epic Fish (Blackberry Jellyfish, Boss Hog, Bubba Fish, Cranky Catfish, Errol Fynn, Goldfin-ger, Musushi, Polar Bear Acuda, Rune Fish, Silver Streak, Sturgeon General).
KingsIsle will also offer up 10,000 Crowns to the Wizards who angle up:
  • The most Dekoi type Fish (Corroded Dekoi, Fabled Dekoi, Frost Dekoi, Jolted Dekoi, Mainstream Dekoi, Mud Dekoi);
  • The smallest Jellyfish type Fish (Strawberry Jellyfish, Marmalade Jellyfish, Grape Jellyfish, and Blackberry Jellyfish);
  • The smallest Eel type fish (Dragon Eel and Krokotopian Eel);
  • The largest Codfather;
  • The largest Todd Pole.
Tournament Rules
  1. KingsIsle will track and total up all the Fish received by players on February 21st;
  2. Winners will be announced and awarded on February 23rd;
  3. Only Fish that are successfully acquired by players, from 12:01 to 11:59pm US Central, on February 21st, will count toward the total. Any pre-existing Fish will not count;
  4. This contest is open to all (not just members) – just catch any Fish on February 21st to enter;
  5. You may sell your Fish or put them in your player housing, after you acquire them;
  6. Fish are counted per character, not per account;
  7. Contact community@wizard101.com if you have any questions;
  8. In the case of a tie, the winners will be determined by who caught the winning-sized Fish first.
The winners of the Fishing Tournament are listed here. Very well done, everyone!