Wizard101 School Jewel Packs

The latest update to Wizard101, which brought the new world of Polaris, introduced brand new packs in the Crown Shop: the School Jewel Packs! You can choose the Jewel Pack based on your School of Magic, to get Jewels that are useful for your Wizard! These packs include Circle and Triangle Jewels, specific to the School of the pack (plus Shadow if you are Level 90+) as well as Square and Tear Jewels from any School. They also include a chance at exclusive new mounts!

The School Jewel Packs include:
  • Brume Mounts;
  • Dual Blade Jewels;
  • Spell Jewels with Cool Auras;
  • Epic Jewels with a Morganthe Spell!
See what cool items you can get for your Wizard by checking out the 7 School Themed Jewel Packs in the Crown Shop today!

Additionally, these Jewels are also dropped by several bosses in Polaris! Baba Yaga, in Forlorn Tayg, is a good farming spot for Morganthe Jewels, new Aura Jewels and even the only known Shadow Pip chance Jewel! If you haven't faced her yet, make sure to read Vanessa Mythdust's Guide to Baba Yaga.

Polaris Goes Live in Wizard101

This update includes the new world of Polaris, level cap increase to 110, new Shadow-Enhanced Spells, Housing Bread Crumbs, Catch of the Day, Fishing Tournaments and more!

Get ready to venture into the frozen north of Polaris. Bartleby has fallen ill, and you must seek out the source of his illness before it’s too late! Along the way you’ll meet the Pingouins, currently under the tyrannical rule of Empress Antuskette. Join the Revolution and find the influence that has driven the Empress to such extremes. Ivan the Great, a former circus performer, is your guide as you search for a Wizard powerful enough to help you find the source of the foul magic that has fallen upon Bartleby.

Players who have reached level 100 and have completed the Khyrsalis quest "Light and Shadow" need to visit Merle Ambrose to take on the quest "Head of the Class."

For Crowns players, Polaris contains 5 separate Premium Zones, priced at 1995 Crowns each.

New Level Cap
With the addition of Polaris, Wizards can now reach the maximum Level of 110 and achieve the title of Prodigious!

Training Points will be awarded at level 105 and 110, plus there will be bonus Training Points available through quests in Polaris.

With increased levels also comes increased Gold:
  • For Wizards under Level 80 the maximum Gold is 300,000;
  • For Wizards Level 80-90 the maximum Gold is 350,000;
  • For Wizards Level 91-95 the maximum Gold is 375,000;
  • For Wizards Level 96-100 the maximum Gold is 400,000;
  • For Wizards Level 101-110 the maximum Gold is 450,000.

New Shadow-Enhanced Spells
Continue your magical studies with the ancient scholars of the Arcanum. Meet new professors, ready to impart their knowledge upon Wizards who reach level 108 and have completed the quest "Story of the Sky Anchor." The new spells are:

  • Witch's Housecall - attacks for 992-1132 Myth damage and summons a Myth minion. This spell costs 6 pips and one Shadow pip to cast.
  • Rusalka's Wrath - attacks for 1445 Storm damage and applies a +30% Storm damage charm, with a reduced chance of applying a -30% Storm damage charm instead. This spell costs 6 pips and one Shadow pip to cast.
  • Nested Fury - attacks for 818-866 Fire, Ice or Storm damage to all enemies. This spell costs 6 pips and one Shadow pip to cast.
  • Wings of Fate - attacks all targets for 525 Life damage and heals all teammates for 525 health over 3 rounds. This spell costs 6 pips and one Shadow pip to cast.
  • Winged Sorrow - attacks for 850-1030 Death damage and applies a -30% damage charm to all enemies. This spell costs 6 pips and one Shadow pip to cast.
  • Raging Bull - attacks all enemies for 775-900 Fire damage and applies -25% accuracy reductions to all enemies. This spell costs 6 pips and one Shadow pip to cast.
  • Snowball Barrage - attacks for 85 Ice damage per pip to all enemies. This spell costs 1 Shadow pip to cast.
New Skeletal Key Boss
KingsIsle has teamed up with the Make-a-Wish organization once again, to grant the wish of an exceptional teen, named Daniel. He had the opportunity to work and create his very own boss! You can read about Daniel's behind-the-scenes story at KingsIsle here.

For Wizards ready to face the challenge of Danny's creation (and get a chance at earning some unique rewards), visit Sunken City to take on the Stone Skeleton Key Boss: Simon the Sayer! 

The Mercenaries team has created a useful guide, to get you through this boss safely. Make sure you check it out here!

Housing Bread Crumbs
Control the behavior of the pets and mounts in your home with Bread Crumbs, which are invisible housing objects (only visible in "Place Object" mode) that you place in your home. Each Bread Crumb is automatically numbered when you place it in your house, so that you can distinguish one from another and place them in a sequence.

Bread Crumbs can be strung together to create a path for the assigned pets to follow. Bread Crumbs can be purchased from the Crown Shop or crafted using a recipe from Jackie Whisperflame in the Wizard City Pet Park.

Fishing Update
Earn extra gold when you sell fish with the Catch of the Day! Visit Lucky Hookline in the Commons each day to find out which fish will be featured that day. Each Catch of the Day fish that you sell will earn three times the normal price, plus a daily catching bonus. If you catch a fish when it is Catch of the Day, this bonus increases by 100, with a maximum of 3000 gold per fish! A new fish will be named Catch of the Day each day at midnight US Central time.

Fishing Tournaments are a new way to show your skill in Fishing! Each week a fish is selected as that week's tournament fish, focusing on either small fry or whopper. Visit Lucky Hookline in the Commons to see which fish is the tournament fish for the week.

Players can now fish in the waters of the Acropolis, Massive Fantasy Palace, Serpentine Escape, Winter Wind Tower, Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, Sun Palace, Sultan's Palace, Midday Estate, Meadows at Dusk, Night Garden, Botanical Gardens and Amber Estate houses.

Spell Changes
Some spells have been changed! Item cards granted from equipment can now be deactivated, so they will not show up in your hand while in combat. To deactivate cards, go to the Spell Deck Screen and click on the item cards at the bottom of the screen. Once clicked, they will show a red "X" to indicate that they are no longer active.

Shadow pips now cost mana to use, equal to the regular pip cost of the spell. For example, a spell that costs 5 pips plus one Shadow pip will cost 10 mana to cast.

And there's a lot more changes and content to the game, including a brand new Critical/Block system! Read the complete list of Update Notes.

Veteran's Day Giveaway 2015

In recognition of all those who have served their countries, KingsIsle is offering you the opportunity to claim your Commemorative Poppy Display housing decoration items for Veteran's Day. Redeeming this code will get you a Commemorative Poppy Display housing item in both Wizard101 and Pirate101.

You can claim your free housing item below, from now until November 17th, 2015, at 11:59pm US Central Time.

Wizard101 Polarian Explorer's Bundle

To promote the release of Polaris, a brand new bundle is coming to Wizard101: the Polarian Explorer's Bundle! Get ready to travel to the far North and be prepared for the cold. This game card is available at GameStop stores across the United States, for $39.

This Game Card comes with
  • Polarian Shipwreck House
  • Battle Narwhal Mount
  • Elegant Penguin Pet
  • Polarian Explorer's Gear
  • Polarian Explorer's Pickaxe
  • One month or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Overview
Following the trend introduced in the Jewel Crafter's Bundle, mounts aren't just mounts anymore! The Battle Narwhal mount gives a 2% universal damage boost to your Wizard, in addition to the regular 40% speed bonus! The jumping animation is pretty cool, too, and the pet is dyeable and has a starting pedigree of 73.

Your Wizard can collect daily rewards inside and the house itself, as well as the outside, are exceptionally large! Furthermore, it is the first house that has mana wisps floating around. There is also a PvP arena, which makes this the perfect place for Christmas-themed or PvP parties with your friends.

The Polarian Explorer's Gear is the very first to introduce Shadow Pip chance from a gift card and gives some pretty good stats overall, at Level 110!

Credits: Thanks a lot to Alexander LionheartMan0fBass and Morgrim ShadowFist!