Friday, November 17, 2017

Wizard101 Empyrea Part 1 Review

Empyrea has raised the bar in terms of difficulty. The amount of tough fights in this new world is what you'd expect and want for high level Wizards. Even though most of the expansion can be soloed without much trouble, there are boss fights and dungeons you'll want your friends to tag along for more fun.

The strong points
KingsIsle has been adding cinematics since Polaris, and the ones in Empyrea are truly magnificent. From rich dialogues to the sumptuous environments, refined details and polished effects, Empyrea is a mix of several worlds we've visited so far, and the final product is beyond splendid! The planet is home to many races of the Spiral, and the diversity of faces and textures make it so unique. Not to mention the graphics are simply mesmerizing, and the soundtrack is super catchy!

In this new update, you'll have to solve a few puzzles along the way and the plethora of quests make it more entertaining and exciting. There are many pets and music scrolls to obtain, rare reagents to collect, and a lot of crafting to do. When it comes to characters, villains have never had so much depth!

The downsides
For me, the last boss' cheats are a little excessive and I can see him being nerfed in a future update. Also, the expansion felt a bit short, but that's to be expected from a world that was divided in two parts. However, side activities are sure to keep you busy for a while, especially if you want to craft one of those revered wands and farm for your Level 125 gear.

The verdict
Empyrea is filled with countless unexpected turn of events and unforseen changes of heart, leading to an epic finale that will surely leave you eager for Part 2, which is expected to see the light in the Fall 2018.

All in all, the first half of the newly released expansion is packed with Batman, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings references, which add significant depth to an all-around fantastic storyline, making it one of Wizard101's greatest updates yet.

Overall grade: A

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wizard101 Empyrean Castaway Bundle

A brand new Wizard101 game card is available in stores now: the Empyrean Castaway Bundle! You'll find this all new game card at GameStop stores across the United States, for $39. US residents can buy it online, directly from the GameStop website.

This Game Card comes with
  • Castaway's Bungalow
  • Junk-Copter Mount
  • Puffy Packfish Pet
  • Raider Scrap Outfit
  • Raider Scrap Blaster
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Overview
The Castaway's Bungalow is a large mansion, lost in the skies of Empyrea. This stormy deserted island offers plenty of space for avid decorators, a PvP Arena and your very own bartender. You'll also find a 'Lost & Found' box, with daily rewards!

The Junk-Copter Mount is the result of the finest Empyrean engineering. This ride grants a 50% speed boost to your Wizard, making it one of the fastest mounts in the Spiral!

The adorable Puffy Packfish Pet gives a Vengeance card at Baby, with a starting pedigree of 68 and good stats for a first generation pet.

The Raider Scrap Outfit goes up to Level 120 and gives great overall stats to your Wizard. The Raider Scrap Blaster Weapon grants your Wizard 7% universal pierce, 95 critical rating, 5% universal damage, 1 power pip, 205 pip conversion rating, a Square jewel socket and Maycast Dragonspear at Level 120+.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Veteran's Day Giveaway 2017

To honor all all the brave men and women who have served their country, KingsIsle gives away a very unique and commemorative item to their players, and this year they are giving away the Eternal Flame housing item, for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Get yours through the link below!

Veteran's Day items through the years

From now until Thursday, November 19th, 2017
at 11:59pm US Central Time

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wizard101 Empyrea Part 1 is Live

The November 2017 Wizard101 update was launched this morning and it includes Empyrea Part 1, Level 125 increase, new Shadow Magic Spells, Revered Crafting, more Castle Magic spells, Bank Size Increase, New Daily Assignment Quest, Treasure Card Sorting, Realm Locking, and more!

The center of the Spiral, Empyrea, was painstakingly created by Raven to keep the Chaos Heart safe and Spider out. The Chaos Heart sits at the center of Empyrea, secured by three great Paradox Chains, and serves as the anchor point to a world comprised of disparate lands, inhabited by diverse beings. Raven enveloped Empyrea in a violent storm, the likes of which even she cannot pass or see through. However, the brilliant minds of the Arcanum have a plan: 
  • Reach Empyrea;
  • Save Mellori;
  • Save the Spiral.

Players who have completed the quest "Lost and Found" at the end of Mirage, and have reached level 120, can go speak to Fitzhume in the Arcanum to get the quest "Baba Boohooie."
For Crowns players, Empyrea Part 1 contains 3 separate Premium Zones, priced at 1995 Crowns each.

Level 125 Increase
New benefits await those who adventure through Part 1 of Empyrea! Characters can now increase their total levels to 125:
  • A Training Point will be awarded at level 125;
  • Be sure to catch Zeke's new hunt for Hootie's Blowfish, and Eloise has a fun quest for you as well! She also has brand new stitching gear;
  • Wizards who are level 121+ will now have a maximum gold allowance of 500,000.
Shadow Magic
Velma Von Venkma's chambers are now open! She will offer Wizards a new quest, which occurs as a part of the main quest line. After completing this quest, she will award you with the new Shadow Trickster spell and offer another new Shadow Magic spell for you to train: Donate Shadow Pip!
She will also offer to train the following spells if you do not have them in your spell book already:
  • Shadow Shrike
  • Shadow Sentinel
  • Shadow Seraph
  • Dark Fiend
  • Dark Nova
  • Dark Shepherd

Revered Crafting
There's an all new rank in Crafting beyond Legendary that will have you scouring the ends of the game to be a Revered Crafter. Librarian Fitzhume will direct you to Ignus to start your new quest. The Revered Crafting quests have new kinds of reagents you'll need to find!
Grady also has the new Wysteria Lore Pack spell recipes for sale, or you could just farm The Loremaster to get them.

More Space
Houses now have an additional 100 Castle Magic slots available to them. In addition, there is now an "Expand Backpack Elixir" available for purchase in the Crown Shop. Players can now buy up to two of these elixirs to increase their backpack size by fifty slots with each purchase. Also, everyone's bank space has been increased from 100 to 150!

New Daily Assignment Quest
With Empyrea comes a new classification of Daily Quests: Heavyweight. Do you have what it takes to be a new Daily Quest contender? To those ends, Aegon Statz also has a new quest to offer players on the twelfth day of Daily Assignments! Make sure to do your daily quests to continue those important pekron investigations.

And there are many more changes and minor updates to the game! Read the complete list of Update Notes for more.

New Crown Shop Items
With the addition of Empyrea Part 1, new items have made their way into the Crown Shop: the Cephalopod Racer mount, the Beastling pet and the Dwarven Attire & Crossbow!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Pirate101 Birth-o-Ween Contest

Pirate101's 5th birthday festivities are still going on through November 2nd, 2017, and I have a fun and easy contest for everyone to celebrate and wrap up the Halloween season in style!

Spooky Screenshot Contest
Take a screenshot in Pirate101 with your favorite Companion and show me how you're celebrating Halloween this year (the screenshot has to include your Companion as well)! Send no more than one screenshot to [email protected], with the title "Spooky Screenshot Contest", along with your Pirate's name (such as David Everhart) by October 30th, at 4:00PM CST.

Grand Prize - Hoodoo Bundle + 5k Crowns + Steamier + Gloomthorn Vine Mount
First Place - 7.5k Crowns + Steamier + Engineer's + Gloomthorn Vine Mount
Second Place - 7.5k Crowns + Steamier + Engineer's
Third Place - 3.5k Crowns + Engineer's + Vorpal Bunny
4 Honorable Mentions - 1k Crowns + Vorpal Bunny

Grand Prize:

First Place:
Quiet Keena Davis
"Quiet Keena Davis and Old Scratch are celebrating Halloween by questing and visiting some spooky places."

Second Place:
Smart Logan West
"Me and Old Scratch are enjoying our Halloween in the brand new Spooky Floating Dutchman's Tomb Ship Cabin we just discovered on his Ship!"

Third Place:
Silver Ignacio

Honorable Mentions:
Liam, Michael Walker, Golden Christina & Alex

Congratulations to the winners and thanks a lot to KingsIsle and One-Eyed Jack for providing the prizes!