Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Pack-a-Palooza in Wizard101 & Pirate101

Now through July 23rd, 2017, you can save up to 50% off all Packs in Wizard101 and Pirate101!
  • All Hoard & Lore Packs are 50% OFF!
  • All Jewel Packs are 50% OFF!
  • Dragon's Hoard, Kirin's Hoard and Skyvern's Hoard return for a limited time!
  • Halloween Packs return for a limited time!
  • Mega Snack Pack, Farley's Gardening Pack and much more on sale!
Free Mystery Pack Giveaway
KingsIsle is giving away a free Mystery Pack in Wizard101 and Pirate101 - you win one of the amazing hoard packs or lore packs! Redeem yours by clicking the pictures below.


Details on Free Packs
This offer is limited to one pack per account and ends on July 23rd, 2017, at 11:59pm US Central Time.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wizard101 Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet Bundle

Introducing the newest Wizard101 game card available in stores now: the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet! You'll find this all new game card at Walmart stores across the United States, for $39.

This Game Card comes with
  • Fantastic Voyage Expedition
  • Shark Skirunner Mount
  • Peppy Porpoise Pet
  • Abyssal Warrior's Suit
  • Abyssal Eel Whip
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Overview
The Fantastic Voyage Expedition will take you a quest to find the very rare Micro Fish. In order to succeed, you will have to fight four different battles. After completing the gauntlet, you will be awarded the "Fantastic Voyager" badge and a free Fishing Luck elixir. You will then be able to fish on the beach, where you can find an exclusive fish!

The Shark Skirunner Mount is a clockwork mount specifically engineered to give your Wizard a 50% speed boost, making it one of the fastest mounts in the Spiral!

After much demand, KingsIsle introduces the very first dolphin-like pet in the game, with the Peppy Porpoise! This adorable cetacean comes with a Lifespear card at Baby, a starting pedigree of 69 and excellent stats for a first generation pet.

The Abyssal Warrior's Suit goes up to Level 120 and gives remarkable overall stats to your Wizard. The Abyssal Eel Whip has an electrifying animation (pun intended) and will grant your Wizard 3% universal pierce, 70 critical rating, 12% universal damage, 1 power pip, 215 pip conversion rating and Maycast Wild Bolt and Healing Current at Level 120+.

Trying to track down a Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet Bundle? Check out the list of stores where you can find it!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wizard101 Wysteria's Lore Pack

The Wizard101 Wysteria's Lore Pack is now available in the Crown Shop, and with it your Wizard has a chance to gain new spells, like the Pigsie, Ninja Piglets and Angry Snowpig! There's also a chance to get other cool new items, including:
  • Wysteria Warrior's Armor Set;
  • Wysteria Warrior's Sword;
  • Greenman Sapling Pet;
  • New Pet Snacks;
  • And much more!
New Spells
The spells from the Wysteria's Lore Pack are reward spells, and do not cost your Wizard a training point. They will go into your spellbook, just like any spell you have learned from a trainer, they'll obey the rules of a normal spell and will not disappear when you sell your spells back for Training Points with Mr. Lincoln.

Wizard101 Summer Update Goes Live

The Wizard101 Summer Update includes the addition of PvP Daily Rewards, a new PvP turn-based tournament mode, a new PvP age, PvP rank boosting changes, new chat channels, chat emojis, chat tabs, Tutorial Tip Log, Avalon Fishing, New Monstrology Extraction Spells, Main Quest indication in your quest log, and much more!

PvP Daily Rewards
There is a new Daily PvP Tournament kiosk in the PvP staging area, where you can check on your Daily Award status. While most days will give you bonus tickets and gold, Days 5, 10 and 15 all have awesome surprises in store! Best of luck at finding both new items and old favorites (like Loremaster spells).

Other PvP Changes
To help stop the practice of boosting rank in PvP, players are no longer allowed to play against the same players they've been matched with for a period of time.

In PvP only, KingsIsle has implemented a Dispel Shield functionality to reduce the ability to spam Dispels. When a Dispel is cast upon a player, they will also receive a Dispel Shield, which can only be broken by a second Dispel. NOTE: If you use a spell that leaves multiple Dispels on a player, like Elemental Diffuse, only one Dispel Shield will be applied.

With these recent changes, KingsIsle is also adding a new age of PvP: welcome to Age 4, which includes new badges for your Wizard to obtain!

PvP Tournaments now have a new turn-based mode. In this mode, each side of the dueling circle will take turns choosing their cards instead of both sides choosing at the same time.

Chat Improvements
This update features a ton of new chat changes. First, the Menu Chat has been updated and revamped, so that it contains a lot more strategy and other fun phrases. It also now features a "Favorites" column at the top of your list.

Also available to all players are new emojis! Click the round face icon on the right hand side of your chat window, and this opens up a menu of emojis you can add to your conversation.

To really kick up your conversations, KingsIsle has added a new "Friend" chat channel. Now each player has a friend chat channel and can invite friends to join it. Your Friend Chat Channel can be public or private.

Avalon Fishing
Brooke Waterman has set up her tackle box in Avalon, where you can find a new fishing quest for all wizards who have finished the fishing quests in Dragonspyre (specifically the quest "Not If I Catch 'Em First!") and completed the world of Avalon (specifically the quest "A Great Storm Coming"). Brooke's quest will take you on a journey to all the newest fishing spots in Avalon, and she may even have a new fishing spell for you once you finished your quest!

New Monstrology spells to extract Treants, Pigs and Gobblers can now be found in Grizzleheim, Colossus Boulevard, and Wysteria. Hunt down Monstrologist Burke in these new locations, and she'll have these new extract spells to teach your wizard.

And there are many more changes and minor updates to the game! Read the complete list of Update Notes for more.

School Starter Bundles
With a new update, come new Crown Shop items! You can now get everything you need to be at the top of your school of magic with the School Starter Bundles! Each School Starter Bundle contains:

  • Hat, Robe & Boots Starter Gear;
  • Starter Wand;
  • Starter Broomstick Mount (Permanent).

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fifth Blogoversary Contest Winners

The Fifth Blogoversary Contest has come to an end and, despite the few entries received, I'm still positively impressed by the talent in this community. Your submissions were adorably cute, some more than others, but you all did a great job! I wish I could reward you all for your time and hard work, but, alas, that's not possible.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the contestants for giving it a go! I've taken into account the words of those who did not enter because they can't draw, so I'll come up with an easier contest next time around, that I hope you can all enjoy.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Grand Prize: Avalon Outlaw Bundle - Emmaline DragonHeart

First Place: 10,000 Crowns - Scarlet DreamGarden

Second Place: 5,000 Crowns - Christina MythCaller

Third Place: 2,500 Crowns - Calamity PixieShade

Runner-up: 1,000 Crowns - Scarlet FireSong

Congratulations, winners! Your codes will be sent to the email address you used to submit your drawings.