Decorating with the New Furniture Sets

When I'm not questing, training pets or playing PvP, I like to decorate my homes in Wizard101. And luckily for me, this year's House-a-Palooza introduced 18 amazing, brand new world-themed furniture sets.

Those who've already visited my Botanical Gardens Estate, which I like to call Frostcaller Academy, know it's heavily inspired by the Harry Potter books, although I gave it my personal touch. I tried to create a Darkmoor-themed bedroom, but later changed it to a Wizard City one after checking out the new furniture sets, a few weeks ago. I've been working on a bedroom suite ever since, combining different world-themed items and styles, specifically from Avalon, Darkmoor, Marleybone, Mooshu, Wizard City and Wysteria. The fun thing is that some of these sets really go well together!

The cosy and luxurious Frostcaller suite is currently in its final stage of creation and should be open to the Wizard public very soon! I will visit Myrella Windspar sometime this week and put my Academy on Castle Tours. Keep an eye on my social media profiles for updates!

Training Point Buyback Returns

It's another Member Benefit weekend! Now through Sunday, August 23rd, Wizard101 Members will get free Training Point buybacks. Speak to Mr. Lincoln, in Golem Court, to get started!

At higher levels, buying back your Training Points is extremely expensive, so consider upgrading today and retrain your Wizard spells for free!

If you aren't sure which spells to learn with all these Training Points you are getting back, the Mercenaries101 team has some great advice for you here. Also, check out Duelist101 Training Point Calculator, to know how to spend those points wisely.

PvP & Win in Pirate101

The third week of Arrrgust in Pirate101 brings a grand week of PvP fighting, and KingsIsle wants you to join in and win these fantastic prizes! 

How to Participate
KingsIsle will be tracking all the Ranked PvP matches that happen from August 17th, 2015, from 12:01am to August 23rd, 2015, at 11:59pm US Central. All you have to do is log on and participate in a Ranked PvP Battle Royale or 1v1 match to be entered into the giveaway. Enter up to 5 matches per day (days are measured from 12:00am-11:59pm US Central) for more chances to win.

One random winner will take home 60,000 Crowns and 10 additional winners will receive 10,000 Crowns each!

Contest Details
  1. KingsIsle will tally up the participants, select random winners and announce the winners on the KingsIsle Blog on August 25th, 2015;
  2. Winners will have the prizes awarded directly to their game accounts;
  3. You do not need to win the Ranked PvP matches in order to be entered into the drawing;
  4. Only 5 matches will be counted as entries per account per day, for a total possible entries of 35;
  5. Winners are chosen per account, with only one winner per account;
  6. Please, email if you have additional questions.
So many Pirates entered and the lucky winners are announced here. Congratulations, everyone!

Guide to Countering Swashbucklers in PvP

The Pirate101 Ranked PvP system is extremely unbalanced right now, with Swashbucklers easily dominating the current meta. In fact, most players include Swashbuckler skills in their strategies, which shows just how fearsome and powerful this class is. Most Pirate classes don't stand a chance against the furtive skills this one has, so how can you increase the odds of victory?

Countering Swashbucklers
The most commonly used powers in PvP are Walk in Darkness and its variation, Black Fog. These abilities allow your Pirate to become untargetable for a few turns, making you immune to physical and most ranged attacks. They are crucial to a Swashbuckler's victory and allow your Pirate to heal safely. That is why many players use gear that give these abilities and if you've had the misfortune to learn the hard way (like I did), you know exactly how powerless you can be when facing a hidden Swashbuckler and his/her companions.

If you are a ranged Pirate, you want to avoid your Swashbuckler opponent to get too close to you. If you are a Musketeer, set traps between you and your opponent. Even if they are hidden, the traps will go off when they step on the affected squares.

Area of Effect Powers & Ranged Attacks
If you are a Privateer or Witchdoctor, try to delay them as much as possible, until their ability to hide wears off. Of course, they might hide again, but most Swashbucklers will only become untargetable to get close enough to attack, while buffing. When they are within your range, use AoE powers; these will bypass their ability to hide.

If you have summons, use them as soon as possible, as they will trigger abilities like Cheap Shot, FlankingOverwatchReadied Spell and Repel Boarders when the summons get close, which will nullify the effect of Walk in Darkness and Black Fog.

Holding the Line
Choosing your Companions wisely is essential, especially when facing Swashbucklers. Even while hidden, a Swashbuckler's team can be halted by Hold the Line. That is why Ratbeard is usually a good choice. If you want to know more about this useful ability, check out Duelist101's Skill Spotlight post.

Top 5 Must-Have Pet Talents
Your pet plays an important part in your way to victory! While their damage may not account for much, the talents they provide can and must be used to your advantage in battle.
  1. Scent (Preferably Rank 3)- This ability will detect any hidden enemies that move within 3 squares of your pet;
  2. Grants Kraken's Lament - This ability will reduce incoming damage, especially from melee and physical attacks;
  3. Grants Elusive - This ability will boost your chance to dodge, when your Pirate's health is below 50%;
  4. Brutal Charge - While a Swashbuckler's accuracy is naturally high, this might buy you some time, if you are lucky enough to dodge the attacks;
  5. Ice-O-Lation - The only purpose of this ability is to stall, trapping the target in a wall of ice.
Good luck in the Brawlin' Hall and may you become a fierce Champion!